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to doCurrent list of tools to upgrade or develop.

The development order will be according to users votes and sponsorship.

Top 20 most voted online tools to-do

hostISO/IEC 8583-1:1993(E) host simulator (develop) 10 votespktVisa BASE I message packet (develop) 9 voteshostCompass Plus TIC/TCI host simulator (develop) 8 votesfileMasterCard IPM file (develop) 8 voteshostVisa BASE I host simulator (develop) 6 votesAPDUM/Chip 4, APDU command/response parser (develop) 6 voteshostHPDH host simulator (upgrade) 5 voteshostMasterCard CIS host simulator (upgrade) 4 voteshostGICC POS Authorization host simulator (develop) 3 votesmsgIFSF Host to Host message (develop) 2 votesmsgDiscover Authorization message (develop) 2 votes (added 1 vote from sponsors)msgVantiv ISO8583 message (upgrade) 2 votestestsEMEA AEIPS tests v5.9 (develop) 2 votes (added 1 vote from sponsors)hostISO/IEC 8583-1:2003(E) host simulator (develop) 2 voteshostIFSF Host to Host simulator (develop) 2 votestestsVSDC ADVT User Guide v7.0 (upgrade) 2 votesfileTSYS Draft 256 Data Capture File (develop) 2 voteshostRS2 POS host simulator (develop) 2 votes (added 1 vote from sponsors)testsJCB TCI tests (develop) 1 votehostEuronet Host-to-Host Interface host simulator (develop) 1 vote