Who am IConsultations and online services provided by Aleksandr Shevelev.
Business authorisation number (Luxembourg): 10056886/1.

tasksPossible workload and tasks.
List of financial protocols and standards.

PayPalMost of service payments can be done thru PayPal. VAT not applicable now.
You can ask support@iso8583.info to have a custom invoice if you prefer wire transfer.

Support on demand

callOn-line consultation call50 EUR
30 minutes

Internet call in agreed time with agenda. Zoom or Skype.
Please provide your available time and timezone

emailEmail support500 EUR
one month 

Remote consultations via email. Research and analysis for your projects

inviteOn-site support750 EUR
1 workday 

Invite me for consultations, research, analysis, leading your projects or development

cmdtoolOffline parsing tool99 EUR
1 toolset 

Offline version of existed on-site parsing tools. Windows and Linux command-line executable binaries

hcecardRequest custom HCE Bridge Test Card profile49 EUR
1 profile 

HCEbridge application service custom card design with one of known Contactless cards as a template

Online services

memberSite membership5 EUR
one month 
24 EUR
six months
40 EUR
 one year 

Unlimited access to online parsing tools. Also used as HCEbridge test card simulation application account

portHost simulator profile10 EUR
one month 
55 EUR
six months
100 EUR
 one year 

Allocation of one TCP/IP socket stream port (streams) or HTTPS link to available hosts

Funding to online services

toolData parsing tool500 EUR
1 workday 

Funding to financial messages, data definition and breakdown implementation for online or offline parsing tools

hostHost simulator service500 EUR
1 workday 

Funding to development or upgrade features for known financial messages and available hosts

cardTest card profile5 EUR
1 profile 

Funding to definition of manual entry, swipe, chip, contactless test cards for online hosts

testTest case profile5 EUR
1 profile 

Funding to definition of test detection and available data validation for online hosts. Upgrade of available tests