This is site - the frontend to online tools around financial transaction messages, data exploring, mining, parsing and simulation.

The environment behind is the result of experience and best practice used for payment services development.

Apart of library lookup, it is require approved user access to our online tools and applications.


Knowledge library

We share our knowledge and keep our library with simple design, but powerfull background tools.
These are the common areas of our interests:

  • EMV / NFC card traces.
  • EMV / NFC data Tags.
  • Card brand standards.
  • National cardschemes.
  • Settlement files.
  • PCI DSS cryptography.

Test and Research tools

We implement our core engines and provide online tools which help development laboratories to reduce time required for education and research. We permanently do:

Customisation possible with extra support options.


Extensive support

Any tasks around financial data extraction, packing, communication protocols, necessary cryptography, algorithms, data interception and analyzing can be resolved by our team. See common support cases:

  • Consultation calls.
  • Support to projects.
  • On-site support.
  • Tools customisation.
  • Offline tools design.
  • Possible workload.

Fair prices

Online tools access
/ month
Perfect for FinTech Integration, Testers and Analysts.
  • 1 user account.
  • Payer email is an account.
  • Parsing tools included.
  • Handy Tools included.
  • Automatic access granting.
  • Expired accounts cleanup.
  • Support in background.
Make a Donation
Extra support
As we agree
To anyone who wants something special.
  • Shared account for team. (from €40)
  • Consultation calls. (from €50)
  • Custom card profiles. (from €49)
  • Offline tools design. (from €99)
  • On-site support. (from €750)
  • Support your projects. (from €500)
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Ready to start?

Watch guides on YouTube

  • Site interface guide.
  • EMV TLV data parsing example.
  • Smartcard APDU traces parsing example.
  • Financial messages (ISO 8583) parsing example.
  • HCE Bridge NFC test cards emulation.