This Host-Card-Emulation (HCE) application plays the bridge role to test cards profiles simulation supported by service.

HCE Bridge application simulate only test card profiles!

Host Card Emulation (HCE) Bridge application on Google Play
Contactless cards simulation with Android NFC device


The environment behind is the result of experience and best practice used for payment services implementation and testing.

In HCE Bridge application implemented and simulated all six EMV Contactless Kernels scenarios and card-terminal APDU interchange used by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners/Discover and UnionPay.

As an example into application added contactless test cards profiles used during payment terminal applications development, testing or integration.

Card transaction APDU command/response exchange traces parsed in detailes according card schemes specifications and available in user's history.


Releases history

2020-07-12: MasterCard (MCD) and Maestro (MSI) PayPass M-TIP 2.0 build 260 test cards.
2020-05-20: Amex Expresspay (XP) 2.0 test cards.
2020-04-13: Discover Contactless D-PAS (DFS.CD-PAS), Acquirer-Terminal End-to-End 1.4 test cards.
2020-01-20: Minor protocol changes. Visa CDET update to 2.3B.

2019-10-20: JCB Contactless Terminal Check for Implementation (TCI-CL) 1.2 test cards.
2019-08-15: UnionPay Contactless QuickPass (QPC), Functional Test 1.1 test cards.
2019-07-02: Diners Contactless D-PAS (DCI.CD-PAS), Acquirer-Terminal End-to-End test cards.
2019-03-17: MasterCard (MCD) and Maestro (MSI) PayPass M-TIP 2.0 build 251 test cards.
2019-02-11: Amex Expresspay (XP) 1.6 test cards.
2019-01-20: Visa CDET 2.3 test cards in first beta release.

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Support, Sponsorship, Payments

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You may fund HCE Bridge tool or request additional research, development or update test cards profiles. We appreciate your cooperation.

Proprietary Notes

HCE Bridge application scripts, binaries and the information, if it is not a part of contracts - collected, developed and owned by Alexander Shevelev.

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HCE Bridge application disclaimer
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