Generic and few customized ISO 8583 messages

Two months are left after recovering the service
Let's count the progress...

The next protocols and specification message parsers were done and available to use on the site:
- AMEX GEDC - American Express, Global Electronic Data Capture (GEDC) Terminal message;
- CB2A AUTO - Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, CB2A Autorisation message;
- CB2A TLC/TLP/GR - Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, CB2A Data Capture (DCP), Parameters Downloading (PDP), Network Management. CB2A Telecollecte (TLC), Teleparametrage(TLP), Gestion de Reseaux (GR) message;
- CUPS - China UnionPay (CUP) Online message;
- DCISC - The Diners Club International Service Centre (DCISC) Relay Authorisation System ISO 8583 message;
- EMV - Integrated Circuit Card Specifications for Payment Systems v4.2. TLV, TV, TLVs;
- Euroconex POS - Elavon/Euroconex POS message;
- GICC - General ISO-8583 Credit Card (GICC) POS Authorization Protocol message;
- ISO8583-1993 - ISO/IEC 8583:1993(E) Financial transaction card originated message;
- ISO8583-2003 - ISO/IEC 8583-1:2003(E) Financial transaction card originated message;
- ISO8825-1 - ITU-T Rec. X.690 (1997 E) | ISO/IEC 8825-1:1998(E) - Information Technology, ASN.1 Encoding Rules - Specification of Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER). BER_TV, BER_TLV, BER_TLVs;
- JCB J/Link - JCB International, Online Interface message;
- OmniPay H2H - OmniPay ISO8583 Host to Host (H2H) message;
- RS2 POS - RS2 POS ISO 8583 message;
- SDI - Nets SOFIE - Sofie Desentral Innsamling (SDI) Interface message;
- TWO TIC/TCI - Compass Plus TranzWare Interconnect (TIC) / TranzWare Core Banking Interface (TCI) message;

Some tools were developed but not yet shared, they could be available as independent modules with API:
- pcsc/winscard API;
- libusb/libusb1 API;
- PCAP file parser, including Ethernet2, RFC-0791-IP, RFC-0793-TCP, and USBpcap frames;
- FIME / ICC Solutions Smartspy device USB protocol API;
- FIME / ICC Solutions Level 1 file protocol to plain file APDU conferter;
- APDU command/response parser, using ISO7816, EMV, Global Platform (GP) , ICAO DOC 9303 MRTD tags and commands;
- NomadLAB/Keolabs device trace files parser to ICC Solution Level 1 files with Smartcard and NFC communication traces;