2017-06-18Contactless tags 2017-06-04IFSF P2F message 2017-05-01AMEX Expresspay Cards and Test Plan 2017-04-09APACS Standard 70-3 batch file 2017-03-27APACS Standard 40 host simulator membership and user levels 2017-03-19APACS Standard 40 message 2017-01-21APACS Standard 30 message 2017-01-14ISO 8583-1987 message 2017-01-07ACI BASE24, BIC ISO message
2016-10-16MasterCard Customer Interface Specification host simulator 2016-09-28MasterCard M-TIP 2.0 Test Cases, M-TIP and Interop subsets 2016-08-15Parsing history and site interface 2016-07-24SmartSpy Level 1 log traces support for APDU parsers 2016-07-16Blog comes back 2016-07-10Tests cases and Card profiles reworked 2016-06-15Online tools processing logs and stats 2016-06-14Votes to develop or upgrade online tools 2016-05-11Authorization Host Simulators available for execution thru user's workspace 2016-05-10HTTPS_MSG stream for authorisation hosts 2016-05-07Site authorisation 2016-04-11UnionPay CUPS Online messages upgrade and host simulator 2016-03-20DCI Xpress Authorization System messages and host simulator 2016-03-16JCB Online Interface host simulator 2016-02-28MasterCard M-TIP and Interoperability contact cards 2016-02-21MasterCard Chip 4 Tags 2016-02-16UnionPay Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) Tags 2016-02-08ISO 8583-like specifications used by Card Payment System associations 2016-02-06Diners(Discover) D-PAS Contact End to End Test Plan 2016-02-05Diners(Discover) D-PAS E2E Contact cards 2016-01-313C Communications Authorization Server (3CAS) messages and host simulator 2016-01-30VISA ADVT cards
2015-12-06MasterCard Customer Interface Specification messages 2015-11-29Visa BASE I messages 2015-10-25AMEX Global AEIPS Terminal Test Plan 2015-08-23AMEX AEIPS cards 2015-08-22ICAO DOC 9303 Machine Readable Travel Documents Tags 2015-07-20AMEX Global Web Services IP Payments Gateway entry point 2015-07-06Online command-line parsing engine 2015-06-10American Express ICC Payment Specification (AEIPS) Tags 2015-03-22ISO 8583 OpenWay POS dialect 2015-03-01Standard POS Device Handler (SPDH) Messages 2015-02-15Hypercom POS Device Handler (HPDH) Messages 2015-01-11NFC Forum features support initiated 2015-01-01APDU scripts support for EMV, ISO 7816, PC_SC and SCM SCL3711
2014-12-07TCP_IP packets. ISO codes for countries, currencies and languages 2014-10-04Generic and few customized ISO 8583 messages recovery