Hypercom POS Device Handler (HPDH) Messages

Hypercom POS Device Handler (HPDH) messages were used in thousands Hypercom POS terminals in US and worldwide.
Many switches (ACI's BASE24 for sample) supported the communication thru this protocol.
The messages based on ISO8583-1987 standard with some specific additions.

The functionality of messages cover common POS related work flows.
Financial, Administrative, Network and Terminal configuration management messages are supported by this specification.

Data Elements inside the message placed in the single bitmap - arrays of 64 elements.
Most interesting tagged and subtagged elements placed inside DE060, DE061, DE062 and DE063.
All the rest fields repeat original ISO specification.

The HPDH Technical Specification was maintained by Hypercom company.
In 2011 company was split by parts and one part of it merged with VeriFone.
However, the protocol still used on many Hypercome POS terminals in real.

HPDH messages parser added into environment with full descriptions, practically.
The only small part of subtagged elements from DE063 is not defined in details.