Visa BASE I messages

BASE I financial messages, one of core VisaNet Integrated Payment (V.I.P.) System Visa's transaction messages implemented and added into the service knowledge base.
The messages based on ISO8583-1987 standard with many specific additions.

Here are the several interesting facts for BASE I message:
- Data Elements inside the message can be placed in three bitmaped arrays, 64 elements each.
- All three bitmap mask fields placed after MTI and before main message body. Not like in most of ISO 8583 dialects - at the bitmapped data elements positions DE001 and DE065.
- The ISO message usualy used with normal header, 22-bytes length. Header subfields desribes format variants for some data elements. So, it is important for mesage parsing analyzer to lookup the header values.
- The additional "error" header can be used for the replys where format error faced in the request message. In this case original request header and message will be sent back.

Online BASE I message parser can breakdown data dumps without header, with normal header and with error header.

Authorisation, Administrative, File maintenance and Network management messages are supported by this specification.

Visa BASE I messages parser added into environment with most used fields descriptions.
There are hundreds pages of detailed definitions with market specific sub-fields and file update related records.
The deeper definition for this specific elements can be added when required or requested dirrectly to

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