Diners(Discover) D-PAS Contact End to End Test Plan

Diners/Discover D-PAS Contact End to End Test Plan v1.2 scripts attached to tests.
The correspondent test flows and responses are available for all supported hosts.

- Known DCI D-PAS E2E cards can be authorised with chip, swipe or manual PAN entry.
- Tests detected by Card PAN and amount.
- ARQC validation and ARPC calculation.
- Cryptogram Version Number (CVN) 05 and 06 are supported.
- Action Codes specific for test cases.
- Issuer test scripts specified and theirs APDU command MAC calculated. (one APDU command in the reply yet)
- Request and reply messages can be validated by engine using test cases' criteria.
- D-PAS E2E Test cards from deprecated Test Cases can be authorised also.