ISO 8583-like specifications used by Card Payment System associations

Here is presended the list of ISO 8583-like specifications used by Card Payment System associations.

AMEX / American Express Payment Services Ltd.:
- Global Credit Authorization Guide (GCAG),
- Global Electronic Data Capture (GEDC) Terminal Message Specification,
- Plural Interface Processing (PIP) Terminal Interface.

CUP / China UnionPay / UnionPay International:
- CUP Online Message.

DCI / Diners Club International Ltd.:
- Diners Club International Service Centre (DCISC) Relay Authorisation System,
- Diners Club International Relay Xpress Authorization System.

DFS / Discover Financial Services:
- Authorization Interface Technical Specifications.

JCB International / Japan Credit Bureau:
- J/Link Online Interface Guide.

MasterCard International:
- Customer Interface Specification (CIS),
- Global Clearing Management System (GCMS) Reference,
- Integrated Product Messages (IPM) Clearing Formats,
- MasterCard Debit Switch (MDS) Online Specifications,
- Single Message System (SMS) Specifications.

Visa International / Visa Europe:
- BASE I Technical Specifications,
- Single Message System (SMS) ATM/POS Technical Specifications,
- Dual Message System Authorization (DMSA) Technical Specifications.

A huge list of different acquirers, national and domestic payment services which also used ISO 8583 messages are not in this list.

Specifications available for the members of these associations.
They are confidential usually, but could be found in the web if you know which specification to search. service tools around payments industry providing you financial messages content details parsing and test hosts simulation.

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