UnionPay Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) Tags

UnionPay Integrated Circuit Card UICC tags parser added into online library.

It is EMV specification tags with few China Union Pay customezed tags layer:
- x9F10: UICC, Issuer Application Data (IAD)
- x9F50: Issuer URL
- x9F51: Currency Code, Application
- x9F52: Application Default Action (ADA)
- x9F53: Consecutive Transaction Counter International Limit (CTCIL)
- x9F54: Cumulative Total Transaction Amount Limit (CTTAL)
- x9F56: Issuer Authentication Indicator
- x9F57: Country Code, Issuer
- x9F58: Consecutive Transaction Counter Lower Limit (CTCL)
- x9F59: Consecutive Transaction Counter Upper Limit (CTCUL)
- x9F5A: Issuer URL 2
- x9F5C: Cumulative Total Transaction Amount Upper Limit (CTTAUL)
- x9F5D: Available Offline Spending Amount (AOSA)
- x9F61: Cardholder ID Number
- x9F62: Cardholder ID Type
- x9F63: Product Label Information
- x9F66: Terminal Transaction Qualifiers (TTQ)
- x9F68: Electronic Cash, Single Transaction Limit
- x9F69: Card Authentication Related Data
- x9F6C: Card Transactions Qualifiers (CTQ)
- x9F6D: Electronic Cash, Reset Threshold
- x9F72: Consecutive Transaction Counter International Country Limit (CTCICL)
- x9F73: Currency Conversion Factor
- x9F74: Electronic Cash, Issuer Authorization Code
- x9F75: Cumulative Total Transaction Amount Limit, Dual Currencies
- x9F76: Currency Code, Application Secondary
- x9F77: Electronic Cash, Balance Limit
- x9F79: Electronic Cash, Balance

At the site services environment these tags will be used as core for CUP Functional Test (FT) card profiles and APDU traces analyze.

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