MasterCard Chip 4 Tags

MasterCard M/Chip 4 contact card tags parser added into online library.

It is M/Chip tags customisation based on EMV core tags layer:
- x91: Issuer Authentication Data
- x9F10: Issuer Application Data (IAD)
- x9F50: Offline Balance
- x9F52: Card Verification Results (CVR)
- x9F7E: Application Life Cycle Data
- xC3: Card Issuer Action Code (CIAC) Decline
- xC4: Card Issuer Action Code (CIAC) Default
- xC5: Card Issuer Action Code (CIAC) Online
- xC6: Counters Data Element
- xC7: CDOL 1 Related Data Length
- xC8: Country Code, CRM
- xC9: Currency Code, CRM
- xCA: Lower Cumulative Offline Transaction Amount (LCOTA)
- xCB: Upper Cumulative Offline Transaction Amount (UCOTA)
- xD1: Currency Conversion Table
- xD3: Additional Check Table
- xD5: Application Control
- xD6: ARPC Response Code, Default
- xDF01: Security Limits
- xDF02: Security Limits Status

At the site services environment these tags will be used as core for M/Chip 4 based MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus test cards and APDU traces analyze.

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