Authorization Host Simulators available for execution thru user's workspace

Finally Authorization Test Hosts can be managed directly at site user's workspace.
For authorized users at workspace, with few clicks, possible to setup, start or stop personal authorization host service.
It is designed as simple as possible. Just select desired host simulator, start it and use service link.

All available test hosts can be executed thru specific gateways - streams.
HTTPS_MSG stream, also introduced today, available for free. It is HTTP messages exchange protocol thru POST or GET methods.
Host Simulators thru TCP/IP socket streams available for Valued Customers.

Valid transaction messages logged and stored in memory for 24 hours. Request/Reply messages processed thru your host service can be parsed as deep as possible.
Transactions can be filtered using few parameters like message MTI, Date/Time, STAN, RRN, card PAN, amount, currency, etc.

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