SmartSpy Level 1 log traces support for APDU parsers

SmartSpy Level 1 log traces added to all onsite APDU parsers.

Level 1 files used by Financial Institutions, validation authorities and Test departments during Terminal Integration Procedures (TIP) for card-terminal conversation analysis.

You may try to parse APDU scripts commands/responses for ISO7816, EMV, PC/SC and SCM SCL3711.
- T=0 scripts should be parsed for known Commands.
- T=1 communication scripts implemented in basic scenarios. T=1 level skipped. So, you will get parsing of clear APDU Command/Responces.

Unsupported Instructions will not be processed.

Specific sets of APDU Instruction (INS) definitions can be added per card specification.
Vote to implement APDU tools in todo list.