APACS Standard 40 message

Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS) Standard 40 message parser - "Acquirers' Interface Requirements For Electronic Data Capture Terminals" added into tools.
This financial messages widely used by UK Acquirers and merchants as a core for own customized APACS online hosts.

The generic messages and sub-fields were defined as they described in the last original specification from 2003 year.

The supported messages between Terminal and Acquirer:
- A - Authorisation Request;
- B - Authorisation Response;
- C - Authorisation Confirmation;
- D - EFT Request;
- E - EFT Response;
- F - EFT Confirmation;
- G - Reconciliation Request;
- H - Reconciliation Response
- I - Hold Response;
- J - Off-line Repeat Request / On-line ICC Advice;
- K - Top-up Authorisation Request;
- L - Completion Request;
- M - Off-line Repeat Completion Request;
- N - Auxiliary Data Response;

The supported messages between Terminal and Merchant EPoS:
- X - Transaction Details Collection;
- Y - Confirmation;
- Z - Hold;

You can request to improve message parser dirrectly to or vote to update it.

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