APACS Standard 70-3 batch file

Almost full version of APACS Standard 70 Book 3 settlement file parser added into tools.

APACS 70-3 post-event settlement file can contain fixed or variable length records.
Here are available parsers for settlemetn file with variable length records delimeted by lines (LR/LF).

At current parser definition you may breakdown next types of records:
- Header and Trailer records - VOL1, HDR1/EOF1, HDR2/EOF2, UHL1, UTL1.
- Financial transactions variable length records - E, J, K, L, M, N, O, Q, R, S with 1 to 4 Segments.
- Two Sub-Records defined as an example - Format 22 (Purchasing LID) and Format 27 (DCC data). Few others can be added when requested.
- Net summary and claim records.

The records definition based on original Standard 70 Book 3.

Please keep in mind that Acquirers may add own customisations for this standard definition.

You can request to improve APACS 70-3 settlement batch parser or consultacy at .

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