IFSF P2F message

The International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF) POS to Front End Processor Interface (P2F) message parser added into tools.

This message standard one of core IFSF specification of international petroleum retailers - BP, Shell, ExxonMobile, Q8, Total, etc.

The interface specification almost similar to the ISO8583-1993 standard with added customized fields for petroleum services.
Current onsite IFSF P2F message parsers can dissect and check customized values:

- BIT 22 - POS data codes. Customized values.
- BIT 48 - Message Control Data Elements. Set of bitmapped fields.
- BIT 63 - Product data - Industry specific. Set of separated product data.

There are few detalisations need to be defined. Like for BIT 62 - Product sets, message data and Loyalty/Discount Data.

You can request to improve message parser or request simple host simulator dirrectly to or vote for it.

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