toolsAPDU Smartcard APDU traces parsing guide

Introduce of on-site APDU Command/Response traces parsing.

APDU is abbreviation of Application Protocol Data Unit - these commands and responses mostly used to communicate with smartcards.

The presented on-site APDU parsing tools breakdown the generic data fields of ISO7816 and add fields dissections
related to the specifications like EMV, PC/SC or NFCForum.

On site you can select these tools using the labelled search.3
The parsing results details will be according to the used specification.
For example EMV APDU parser will detect set of EMV commands and parse EMV tags also. (

At the moment on-site APDU parsing tools support two variants of smatcard log traces:

1) SmartSpy Level 1 log files by ICC Solutions (iccsolutions)/ FIME.
These Level 1 files are the traces of low-level protocol data. The binary data transferred between smartcard and terminal device/reader.
On-site APDU parsers support T=0 and T=1 smartcard's protocol traces.
According to these protocols smartcard APDU data can be modified. The details of T=0 and T=1 protocols defined in ISO 7816 specifications.

From SmartSpy Level 1 traces we are taking only protocol communication:
- 'ATR -' - Smartcard's Answer-to-Reset data.
- 'IFD -' - Interface Device Request data.
- 'ICC -' - Smartcard Response data.
- '*****' - continue previous data block.

2) The other style of logs is abstract script. Which is representation of ATR, APDU Command Requests and APDU Responses in hexadecimal.
This simplified style used in different smartcard's traces, in APDU card specifications, and during product development or research.
Using this parser you can dig APDU details without going to low-level communication implemented by standard smartcard libraries.
- ATR card response.
- APDU Request data.
- APDU Response data.

To parse the log-traces you need to submit the lines into tool text-box and execute process.
The simple examples of log-lines you can take from the tool description.

Let's try few complex examples with SmartSpy Level 1 logs with T=0 and T=1 protocols traces.

The parsed results always in same tree-like style as for other on-site parsing tools.
You may view fields of known APDUs, expand and collapse data elements.

That's all for quick introduction of on-site APDU parsing tools. Register on-site and enjoy using our parsing tools.

APDU parsing tools and command details can be defined almost for any card specification.
As registered users you can vote and support these tools development or upgrade.
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