TCP_STX_MSG_ETX stream for authorisation hosts

For Online Authorization test hosts added new stream - TCP_STX_MSG_ETX.
It will be the series of data streams for Test Host System which allows to send financial protocol data packets (or clear messages, depending of host simulator protocol) thru TCP/IP socket connection.
These new TCP/IP streams can add different network packet bytes which allow to detect protocol message body.

This TCP_STX_MSG_ETX stream expect STX-byte 0x02 to detect start of protocol message and ETX-byte 0x03 to detect message end.
All data between STX and ETX bytes will be send and processed thru Test Host System.

TCP/IP socket: [STX]+[ASCII/HEX message]+[ETX]

Depending of used Host protocol the packets (or messages) should be sent as Hexadecimal dump or as ASCII string without delimiters.
You can check protocol packets (or messages) format at the host protocol parsing pages.

If you request packet (or message) is correct and placed according to TCP_STX_MSG_ETX stream between STX and ETX bytes you will get authorization host reply packet (or message) in same format.

We planning to add more TCP/IP Streams common for financial message processing. If you need stream not yet defined you can request it directly to .