toolsmsgpkt Financial messages (ISO 8583) parsing guide

Introduce of on-site Financial messages parsing.

Our site services allow to parse financial messages: several dialects of ISO8583 and few messages based on different non-ISO8583 standards.

The presented on-site message parsing tools breakdown the generic data fields of ISO8583 and add sub-fields dissections related to the specifications.

On site you can select these tools using the search with labels "msg" or "pkt".
You can also search protocols by base specification with ISO8583-1987, ISO8583-1993 or ISO8583-2003.

As an example let's have a look to Hypercom POS Device Handler (HPDH) message specification.
For this specification we have two tools: "msg" which is clear ISO8583-1987 and "pkt" with same message and specific HPDH header.

To parse the message you need to submit the data into text-box and execute process.
- In case message specification uses only ASCII characters you can submit message data as string.
- If message contain non-ASCII characters you can submit message data as Hexadecimal dump.

The parsed results always in same tree-like style as for other on-site parsing tools.

All messages based on ISO8583 standards starts from Message Type Identified (MTI) field.
MTI is 4-digits value, but it can be packed differently according to message dialect.
Then one or several bitmaps. Bits selected in bitmap show the sub-fields used in the message. Message sub-fields sometimes named as Data Elements.
In case HPDH it uses only one Primary Bitmap and can use up to 64 Data Elements. In fact it is even less as HPDH define only 35 Data Elements.

1) HPDH message.
Hexadecimal dump:

Here message starts from MTI, then Bitmap, then 4 Data Elements flagged in Bitmap.

2) HPDH packet.
Hexadecimal dump:
"6000018002 0200 3020078020C0020C20000000001414140000001800510000000100374556320000000007D21122011234567800000F435449303030303130303030303530303030313233343501365F2A0203605F34010082025C008407A0000000031010950540000080009A031102109C01209F02060000141414009F03060000000000009F0902008C9F100706010A03A020009F1A0203609F1E0844544930303030329F260877881122334455669F2701809F3303E0B0C89F34031E03009F3501229F360201059F37041234CDEF9F410400171234000830313032303330340006313731323334"

Here packet starts with 5 bytes (10 hexadecimal characters) header, then HPDH message.
Detalisation of sub-elements depend from definitions developed on our side.
The common types of subfields like EMV tags also parsed in deep details.

In case available tabled values the parser lookup these fields descriptions and collect statistic for message quality.

That's all for quick introduction of on-site ISO8583 message parsing tools.

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