TCP_MSG_CR, TCP_MSG_CR_LF, TCP_MSG_LF streams for authorisation hosts

For Online Authorization test hosts added new streams:

- TCP_MSG_CR: Mac line [ASCII/HEX message]+[CR],
- TCP_MSG_CR_LF: Dos/Windows line [ASCII/HEX message]+[CR LF],
- TCP_MSG_LF: Unix line [ASCII/HEX message]+[LF].

Where [CR] is byte 0x0D, [LF] is byte 0x0A, [CR LF] - both bytes 0x0D and 0x0A.

These streams works identically. The ASCII or Hexadecimal host message detected by correspondent final byte(s).

All data until the final byte(s) will be send and processed thru Test Host System.

If you need stream not yet defined you can request it directly to .