TCP_Len4HEX_MSG and TCP_Len4NUM_MSG streams for authorisation hosts

For Online Authorization test hosts added two new TCP/IP streams:

- TCP_Len4HEX_MSG: Length prefix [Hexadecimal message length, 4 HEX characters]+[ASCII/HEX message],
- TCP_Len4NUM_MSG: Length prefix [Numeric message length, 4 digits]+[ASCII/HEX message].

In both streams first 4 received characters recognized as the length of the followed request message.
Len4NUM is the Decimal numeric message length. Len4HEX is the Hexadecimal message length.
Lengths padded with zerros to left in case length value less than 4 characters.

MSG is the ASCII or Hexadecimal host message.

If you need stream not yet defined you can request it directly to .

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