VISA ADVT 7.0 cards and tests

Added Visa ADVT 7.0 cards and tests support.

Comparing to the previous ADVT version 6.1.1 in new Visa ADVT 7.0 test plan changed:
- Cryptogram Version Number changed to CVN 18 (0x12) for all card profiles where used CVN 10 (0x0A).
- Removed few tests.
- Tests and cards numbering changed.
- New card and test profile ADVT 24.

Keep attention with new card and test numbering and dont mix them with previous ADVT 6.

At the site services environment cards and tests profiles used for test transactions processing and card vaildation at online hosts.
Our hosts simulators used latest version ADVT 7.0 as priority. The cards from ADVT 6.1.1 pack can be detected and processed also.