Visa CDET card simulation

Visa CDET test cards APDU Commands processing and Response simulation added into online library.

APDU commands processing and simulated responses following VCPS specification requirements (when it is possible).

At the moment supported next APDU Commands:
- SELECT PPSE - When PPSE selection supported by card profile simulator reply with card application(s) data;
- SELECT AID - For card profile AID selection ADF data will be returned;
- GPO qVSDC online - In case GPO request with PDOL data simulator return expected Tags;
- READ SFI - For SFI records requests returning correspondent Tags;

Online ARQC calculated for GPO response.

Under development:
- GPO qVSDC with ODA scenarios;
- dCVV and MSD scenarios;
- IAD generation with IDD part;

No plans to-do:
- Issuer Update Processing;

These onsite card simulators API with necessary cryptography will be used for contactless card simulation application at mobile devices with NFC modules.