JCB TCI-CL contactless cards simulation at our HCE Bridge application

JCB TCI-CL contactless test cards released and simulation available via Host Card Emulation (HCE) bridge application.

APDU commands processing and simulated responses following J/Smart and J/Speedy contactless card requirements or EMV Contactles Kernel 5 (when it is possible).

At the moment Contactless cards from JCB TCI-CL test plan can be simulated.

Supported next APDU Commands:
- SELECT PPSE - When PPSE selection supported by card profile simulator reply with card application(s) data;
- SELECT AID - For card profile AID selection ADF data will be returned;
- GPO - In case GPO request with PDOL data simulator return expected Tags;
- READ SFI - For SFI records requests returning correspondent Tags;
- ARQC and CDA calculation cases for contactle-chip cards;
- GET MS - Get dynamic Magstripe Data for contactle-swipe card profiles;

HCE bridge application update will be available soon on Google Play for Android devices.

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