Site changes. Cleanup

It is information about comming changes which will be applied on site until the end of 2019 year.

Inactive accounts will be cleaned from user list asap. Related to user account information (parsing history, host simulator profiles) will be wiped.

Due to increased frauds we stop free email accounts registration starting from January 2020.
Membership fee will be required for online tools: financial data parsers, HCE Bridge contactless card simulator.
Host simulators can be enabled only together with TCP/IP Port allocation.

Membership and port allocation fee stays as they are now.

We will continue implementation of on-site financial data parsers and selected authorisation test host simulators.
You may check list of possible protocols and standards for service implementation at todo page and request the priority order or custom financial data packing/unpacking tools requred for your projects.

We will also continue with HCE Bridge contactless card simulator which now supports most used test cards profiles for all common EMV contactless kernels.
See HCE Bridge application on Google Play.

Other services you may find at support page.


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