NFC cards reader

NFC Reader read Contactless Payment cards on Android Mobile phones with NFC reader.

  • Use Android phones.
  • Follow EMVCo rules.
  • Read cards 24/7.
  • Guest access possible.
  • Output masked data.
  • Card traces research.

Customisation possible with extra support options.


EMVCo PPSE card read

The application implements common EMVCo and custom contactless kernels. It act as the Payment Terminal.

  • Kernel C-2 PayPass.
  • Kernel C-3 PayWave.
  • Kernel C-4 Expresspay.
  • Kernel C-5 J/Speedy.
  • Kernel C-6 D-PAS.
  • Kernel C-7 QuickPass.
  • Kernel C-643 Mir Pay.

ICCSim test card read

We implement ICC Solutions / ICCSim scriptable test cards reading. Card profile info lookup end research.

  • Get Card Version.
  • Get Template Name.
  • Get TVR/TSI Outcome.
  • Explore APDU Script.
  • Extract EMV Tags.
  • Read APDU Log (*).

(*) Request support for feature implementation.


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  • Paypal subscription.
  • Paypal payer email.
  • Card traces research.
  • Support in background.
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To anyone who wants quick card data lookup.
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  • No need of payments.
  • No registration needed.
  • No card traces lookup.
  • No support for Ghosts.
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Requirements for card reading

  • Mobile phone should have NFC contactless reader.
  • Application need permanent Internet connection.
  • Install from Google Play or download APK from site.