NFC cards reader

NFC Reader read Contactless Payment cards on Android Mobile phones with NFC reader.

  • Use Android phones.
  • Follow EMVCo rules.
  • Read cards 24/7.
  • Guest access possible.
  • Output masked data.
  • Card traces research.

Customisation possible with extra support options.


EMVCo PPSE card read

The application implements common EMVCo and custom contactless kernels. It act as the Payment Terminal.

  • Kernel C-2 PayPass.
  • Kernel C-3 PayWave.
  • Kernel C-4 Expresspay.
  • Kernel C-5 J/Speedy.
  • Kernel C-6 D-PAS.
  • Kernel C-7 QuickPass.
  • Kernel C-643 Mir Pay.

ICCSim test card read

We implement ICC Solutions / ICCSim scriptable test cards reading. Card profile info lookup and research.

  • Get Card Version.
  • Get Template Name.
  • Get TVR/TSI Outcome.
  • Explore APDU Script.
  • Extract EMV Tags.
  • Read APDU Log (*).

(*) Request support for feature implementation.


GlobalPlatform cards

For the GlobalPlatform we may read information about the installed JavaCards applications, the high-level applications details. This GP-mode reading will be used for JavaCards management with CardLink.

(*) Request support for features implementation.


External card-readers

By default NFC Reader application uses built-in NFC-reader of the Android mobile device. Currently we are working on supporting external SmartCard Contact and Contactless readers which uses common or custom management protocols. In our wish list and at work are:

  • CCID readers.
  • Terminal devices.
  • Custom protocols.

(*) Request support for features implementation.

Fair Price

NFC Reader access
/ month
Perfect for FinTech Integration, Testers and Analysts.
  • 1 user account.
  • Online donation.
  • Card traces research.
  • Support in background.
Make a Donation
To anyone who wants quick card data lookup.
  • No need an account.
  • No need of payments.
  • No registration needed.
  • No card traces lookup.
  • No support for Ghosts.
Get Started

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Requirements for card reading

  • Mobile phone should have NFC contactless reader.
  • Application need permanent Internel connection.
  • Install from Google Play or download APK from site.