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Quick introduction of ISO8583 technical support site.

The primary target of the site is - On-line services for financial technical information research and development.

One part of services is the collection of different parsing tools, like Financial messages, Network packages, and other Technical data from contact and contactless smart cards and EMV world.

The other part is the testing environment contains Standard test card profiles and test plans, and several Authorisation host simulators which use these test cards and validate test cases when possible.

This quick guide about site interface and general navigation.

The entry screen and the same items you will see in the main menu allow you to quickly jump into required part of web site:
- The general info About the site;
- The Latest news, the site changes and on-line tools updates;
- The list of on-line Tools using labelled selection;
- And on-site library browsing by folders;

About section (
Contains several notes about our Support, site Membership, Sponsorship and funding for tool development, Privacy and Security notes.
Please read carefully these notes. Using the site services you accepting these articles.

Latest news section (
Contains list of bulletins. Can be filtered by labels (for sample all EMV related topics, and APDU traces).

List of tools (
Contains list of on-line tools and group of direct links to on-site Host simulators, Test Cards and Test Plans.
The filtering by labels also available here. For sample VISA, msg - Visa BASE I message.

On-site library (
This is folder-like navigation from module source (DCI), to specification (Xpress), and to the tools (msg).

Tool (DCI/Xpress/msg)
The Tool screen contain web form data field (it will be available after log in) and expected tree-like structure of the parsed results.
You can expand or collapse the tree nodes and scroll the items.
At the top bar you may see indent level selector. It will expand results to the requested level.
The examples of using different parsing tools will be provided in the other video guide.

User (
The parsing tools and other site services available only for registered users.
At the moment you can register and sign in with your e-mail or using LinkedIn profile.

Using e-mail login you can request access token entering e-mail keeping empty token value.
In this case you should receive new access token at your mailbox in few minutes.
When you get your access token just, use it together with your e-mail.

The amount of parsing request is limited for users.
At the moment there are only 5 demo parsing requests for e-mail users and 10 for LinkedIn users per day.
Subscription for site membership allow you to remove this parsing amount limitation.

The HISTORY shows last 20 parsing requests. (

Running and using Authorisation host simulators will be introduced in the other video guide.

Voting (
There is list of tools to-do which require update or can be added to on-line services.
You can prioritize tools upgrade or development voting for these tools or sponsoring it.

That's all for first introduction.
In the next video guides you may see introduction and examples of using parsing tools and test environment.

Don't hesitate to ask for clarification

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