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Introduce of labelled search and types of on-line parsing tools which you may use at site after login.

The list of on-line tools can be filtered by labels. (

The Area labels are the geographic areas of original specification. For sample the common "UK" related specifications are APACS.

The Owner labels are the companies or institutions which are the source of specification. For sample you may filter only VISA related specifications and tools.

The Base labels are the master source from which the specification were derived. For sample "EMV" is the base core of all Brand Card specifications and few on-line tools.

The Data labels points to the formats and values used by parsers. For sample you can select messages parsers where used Field Separators "FS".

The Tasks can filter the topic supported by specification. For sample Dynamic Currency Conversion "DCC" sub-fields in the financial messages.

The Tools is exact the type of tool developed in the parsing. There are several different group of tools:

1) Simple search of tabled values. Alphabetical or Numeric.
Like "A2", "A3", "N3", "N4". You can enter numeric or alphabetical code to search correspondent values.
For sample in Country, Currency or Merchant Category Codes (MCC) specifications.

2) Tag Length Value "TLV" parsers.
Usually used by EMV and Card specifications. There are variants of parsers for TLV series "TLVs", "TV", "TLs".

3) Card "APDU" and "ATR" traces breakdown.
These parsers support SmartSpy Level 1 file-traces by ICC Solutions and basic script with ATR and APDU Command Request/Response messages.

4) Communication Messages "msg", Packets "pkt", Requests "rq" and Responses "rs".
These parsers for on-line data messages. They can be in different variants of specific encoding.
In Packets "pkt" usually add Header block "HDR" prior to the Message "msg".
In case data messages has different formats for requests and responses used "rq" and "rs" tools.

5) Files "file" and Single Data records "rec" parsers.
These parsers usually used by Settlement and Invoice data.
The "file" parsers can be used to several Fixed of Variable records according to used specification.

6) The most interesting tools are "host" simulators in style of web form request submission.
These tools parse and interpret your requests, analyse them and generate response.
Known test cases and test cards will be detected when possible.
According to known test cases in generated response will be added EMV ARPC cryptogram and Issuer Scripts.

Also to search the required tool or info on site you may use built-in GOOGLE search.
Try search "EMV APDU". (

That's all for site search and types of parsing tools.

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