Short announce of coming updates of iso8583info services.

HCEbridge contactless test card simulation application released last year was well tested.
As an improvement of card simulation speed in the next application version will be update to communication interface to the hosted card profiles.

Test card profiles will be added and updated as soon as they implemented on our host side. The nearest update will be for Visa CDET v2.3B PayWave test cards.

This year we plan to add REST API for on-site financial data parsing tools to let you unpack and pack data following to implemented messages specifications. Standalone pack/unpack tools and development libraries can be requested directly.

Support for brand test plans for the implemented host simulators as well the new authorisation test host simulators for financial messages will have low priority. Unless the implementation and updates will be requested and funded.

Due to increased fraud registrations in January we stop to provide demo accesses to the site services.
Membership with small fee will be required to use on-site financial data parsing tools, test host simulators and test card simulators via HCEbridge application.

Wishing you the Best in your financial data research and development.


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